Character Dialogue
Flower: Ooh, that was some crazy stuff!
Flower: Wait a minute, why am I a young skunk, again?
Flower: Oh, right... I remember.
Bambi: Maybe Maleficent's curse might've been the culprit of it.
Flower: Well, if those kids are new here, then I better greet them!
Flower: And without skunking them by accident and scaring them off, too!

Don't Spray Em', Greet ThemEdit

Character Requirements Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Flower to greet the Kingdom's guests carefully.
"Greet Guests"
60m XP: 5, Butterfly Coins: 50
Character Dialogue
Flower: Well, it could've gone better. But at least I didn't spray them one bit!
Flower: Maybe I might get the hang of actually greeting them, after all!
Flower: Just be thankful that there are no Man in this kingdom!